Moisture Series

Natural Moisturizing Agent: Amino Acids

It is a known fact sake brewers have fair and smooth hands despite their strenuous labour. The secret is "Rice Ferment Filtrate (Sake)", which contains abundance of natural amino acids to moisturize the epidermal layers of the skin. Amino acids molecules are 1/3000th size of that of collagen, so they are quickly absorbed into skin. They fill the epidermis with moisture, leaving the skin moist and supple.

Rice Bran and Sake Lees Moist, Yet

There are two by-products in sake brewing: rice bran and sake lees. The active ingredients from these secondary products work as superior antioxidant and prevent the appearance of dark spots and freckles from sun damage. Rice bran extract and sake lees extract are contained in most items of our skincare series.

Superior Quality Water Makes Superior Quality Skincare

"Use superior quality water and boost its full potential" is our philosophy at Shirataki Sake Brewery, either in sake brewing or producing skincare items. The fresh ground water from snowy Echigo Yuzawa is used for our sake brewing. The soft and subtly sweet fresh water is the essential base for our sake, Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi. All items of Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Skin Care series are made with this same water.

Moist, Yet Silky Smooth Skin

Your skin will be well hydrated, yet the surface of skin will have silky smooth touch. Tuberose (family of agave) flower extract creates a moisture barrier on skin surface. Keeping the underneath layer moisturized, the barrier protects the skin from dryness. Our skincare products can go extremely well with any make-up base cream or foundation, and you need less touch ups during the day.