"Jozen-Mizunogotoshi" from Shirataki Sake Brewery

Shirataki Sake Brewery is located in Echigo-Yuzawa, Niigata. Our brewery has been brewing sake for more than 150 years, in this area known for heavy snowfall.

Why is this snowy climate perfect for brewing the top quality sake?
One of the reasons is the temperature. The winter temperature is low but stable, making a perfect environment for brewing sake.

Another reason is that the snow is the source of high quality water, which is essential for quality sake brewing. The water from melting snow takes a long time to go through a natural underground filtration to deliver high quality water with low mineral content.

Shirataki Sake Brewery's signature brand, "Jozen-Mizunogotoshi", was named after a famous quote by Laozi, a philosopher and poet of ancient China. He said, "Being flexible and yielding as water is the ideal way of life, as the flexible overcome the adamant, and the yielding overcome the forceful." We brew our sake with a philosophy to treasure the humbleness and freedom represented by water.

"Jozen-Mizunogotoshi Skin Care" series was developed in combination of our sake brewing technology and Japan's cosmetics manufacturing technology.

We use sake-derived ingredients in our products. "Rice Ferment Filtrate" is made with fermented rice, and "Sake Lees Ferment Extract" is made by re-fermenting sake lees with special lactobacillus found within sake lees. They both contain abundance of natural moisturizer amino acids.

We have spent many hours developing and testing to create high quality skincare products, hoping to deliver the secret power of sake and sake lees to our customers.

"Jozen-Mizunogotoshi Skin Care" series is highly moisturizing, fresh and gentle to skin, with delicate and pleasant aroma of Japanese sake.

"Jozen-Mizunogotoshi Skin Care"

For a long time, skin beautifying power of sake was widely known. Sake brewers' hands are fair and smooth. Taking a bath with sake added to the water leaves the skin smooth and moist.

There are abundance of skin beautifying ingredients found in sake and sake lees. When rice is fermented, it forms natural amino acids that helps tone the skin and leave the skin moisturized.

"Jozen-Mizunogotoshi Skin Care" is made up of two series, "Moisture Series" and "Clear Skin Series". Both series contain rice-derived amino acids that are characteristic to our products.