Clear Skin Series

The products of Jozen Mizunogotoshi Clear Skin Series contain abundance of our original "Sake Lees Ferment Extract*" to boost the moisture level and suppleness of the skin. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) derivatives as antioxidants, daisy flower extract as a moisture booster, and 3 types of peptides as conditioners are added for a brighter, clearer skin.

Feel the power of fermentation.

Witness the evolution of "Jozen Mizunogotoshi Skin Care" by Shirataki Sake Brewery. Many women have chosen "Jozen Mizunogotoshi Skin Care" series since its birth in 2010. Among positive feedbacks, we also received many opinions and requests from our customers. ‘I want more moisturizing effect for winter dryness.' ‘Can you make an emulsion?' ‘I need eye cream!' ‘I wish I could feel more of sake from your product.'—Reflecting these valuable opinions, we have developed our new product line "Jozen Mizunogotoshi Clear Skin Series". A moist, supple skin in an instant. Your skin care routine will bring you a joyous and fulfilling time. The key ingredient of the series is "Sake Lees Ferment Extract", born in a unique combination of ingredients and sake brewing technology. It contains abundance of natural amino acids to boost the moisture level of the skin like never before. Other ingredients include ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) derivatives, hyaluronic acid, daisy flower extract, 3 types of peptides, ceramide* and placenta*, to fight dryness and aging. We have also added eye serum and emulsion as requested by many customers. Soft and smooth textured products deliver rich beauty ingredients directly to the skin. For a brighter, clearer skin. Pamper yourself with "Jozen Mizunogotoshi Clear Skin Series" for a clear, supple and youthful looking skin.

A gift from snowy mountains

No matter how many ingredients are listed on the label, more than 90% of a skincare lotion is made of water. It is essential for our health to consume water with good mineral balance, as more than 60% of our body is made up with water.
The water we use in "Jozen Mizunogotoshi Clear Skin Series" is natural spring water from snowy Echigo Yuzawa. Its fresh sweetness has quenched thirst of local villagers and tourists alike for many years. At Shirataki Sake Brewery, we have treasured and protected this source for more than 150 years, as the water quality directly affects the quality of our products. This naturally filtered spring water is used directly in the sake brewing and the production of our skincare products. We hope you enjoy the luxury of fresh natural spring water in "Jozen Mizunogotoshi Skin Care".

Sake lees Fermentation Extract

Sake lees is rich in fiber and rice malt ,and consuming it helps improve bowel movements ,suppress sugar absorption ,suppress blood sugar elevation ,and lower LDL cholesterol level .These health benefits were long known by master sake brewers from their experience. Their hands remain fair and well-moisturized even after years of hard labor.
After years of research and development, we have discovered "Sake Lees Ferment Extract (moisturizing)" by re-fermenting sake lees with a type of lactobacillus found in sake lees itself.
This is an ideal natural ingredient for highly moisturizing skin care products.
"Sake Lees Ferment Extract(moisturizing)" contain abundance of moisturizing amino acids to hydrate and protect the epidermis layers. It is confirmed to suppress spot-causing melanin generation, suppress destruction of body’s inner collagen, and revitalize cells.